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  • Believer Bow

Beleiver Details

For the Christian archer; featuring God's Country Camo, and Christian emblems throughout the riser. Take thy quiver and thy bow, and... take me some venison. Genesis 27:3
  • God's Country Early Season Camo
  • Upper and Lower String Speed Nocks
  • Limbsaver Products: String Decelerator, Power Ring Cable Guard Dampener, Teflon™ Cable Slide, Everlast String Leech
  • Big brace height, respectable speed, steady killer

Believer Specs

Axle to Axle
Brace Height
IBO Speed
312 fps
Draw Lengths
25-32 each cam adjusts 1/2"
Draw Weights
30, 40, 50, 60, 70
String Length
8815/16" (bronze & green)
Cable Length
3511/16" (bronze & green)
Mass Weight
4.0 lbs


WAS $849.99
SALE: $685.00
SALE ENDS 10/31/2017
Peak Weight and Draw Length