Concept Archery 99% Let Off Bows

About Us

March 2019

After nearly 13 years of providing superior compound bows, Concept Archery is looking to merge with another entity, be bought out, or ran under new ownership. The cost of manufacturing high-end, quality bows is too steep to offer at what we feel to be at a reasonable price point.

Over the many years we have met many in the sport and industry who have became close friends. We valued each and every customer and strived not only to provide an outstanding product, but with unmatched customer service. We are thankful to the many customers who have put their faith in our bows as we know we have produced some of the very best compound bows ever made. They will continue to give you many years of service as they were built to last a lifetime.

We wish you the most success on the competition field and/or in the bounty of the game. Please contact us should you need any sales or service and thank you again; may God continue to bless.

Concept Archery Bow Corp.


Believer Bows
BelieverG1 or Believer
ATA: 33-7/16"
Brace Height: 8"
IBO: 312fps
Mini29 Bow
ATA: 29"
Brace Height: 8"
IBO: 318fps
P50 Bow
ATA: 33-1/16"
Brace Height: 6-13/16"
IBO: 312fps
C32 Bows
ATA: 31-9/16"
Brace Height: 6-5/8"
IBO: 312fps
C99 Bow
ATA: 35-3/8"
Brace Height: 7-5/8"
IBO: 310fps
Believer Bows
All American X10
Target Bow

ATA: 36"
Brace Height: 10"

Why a Concept Bow?

  • Quality, customer service, and a warranty second to none!
  • Solid, billet machined risers made of 6061 T aircraft grade aluminum
  • Prestretched string and cables (flagship models with speed nocks)
  • Gordon Composites™ diamond-sanded, fiberglass limbs
  • Two 1/4" needle roller bearings in the cam and idler wheel, providing a wide and stable platform for fierce rotating axles
  • Limbsaver Products: Teflon Cable Slides, Cable Guard Dampeners, String Leech (flagship models equipped with String Decelerators)
  • 99% or 80% let-off adjustability
  • We strive for using all USA made components and go above the norm: ex. non-rusting stainless steel stabilizer bushings, LockTite'ing threaded items, using aircraft grade lithium grease.
  • Our bows & accessories are made in the USA. We believe in QUALITY and supporting American companies.